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Village Christian Church

Launching a Legacy

In November 2020, we answered God’s call to plant a new church in The Villages.  Our mission that we began with is still our mission two years later:  To Know Jesus and To Make Him Known.  In making Jesus known, we strive to meet the needs of those are hurting, those who are lonely, those who have questions about life, and those who are seeking God.  We not only want to impact the generation in which we live, but also impact the generations to follow. 


This is the time for us to press forward and find a place through which we can meet on a permanent seven-day a week basis.  We have started the Launching a Legacy fund to help jump start this effort to raise funds for our future location.  Would you join us by prayerfully considering what you would contribute.  You can click the button below to give or scroll down to find out more about Village Christian Church.

the villages aerial view.webp
the villages aerial view.webp

Why The Villages?

A need for thriving churches on a mission to make Jesus Christ known.

  • The Villages is the fastest growing city in the United States for the decade 2010-2019.

  • The Villages population passed 100,000 in 2012 and there are more than 135,000 residents today.

  • New home sales average approximately 200-250 per month and pre-owned average 200 per month.

  • The population of The Villages grows by approximately 4,500 annually.

Salvation Hangs in the Balance

Who lives in The Villages and their

spiritual condition.

  • The average age in The Villages for a male is 62 and female is 60.

  • Only 35.4% of The Villages’ residents attend a house of worship.

  • This means that at least 85,800 residents of  The Villages may or may not have a relationship with God and therefore, are an unchurched group.

  • In comparison to other communities, those who live in The Villages have  fewer years before they pass away.  Simply put, their salvation hangs in the balance.

vcc small group.JPG

About Village Christian Church

Our Strategy

We've engaged the following strategy for spiritual growth:

  • Connect:  We strive to connect every soul with God through a variety of strategies including worship and biblical teaching.

  • Community:  We believe life-change happens best when people are connected in Christian community, and we provide opportunities for community through a variety of small groups.

  • Compassion:  Every believer cultivates a heart for others and uses their spiritual gifts and abilities in at least one ministry within the church as well as reaching out to those outside the church.

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