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Achat 3d Premium Hack




vernon no, 2d is the minimum hmmm brb erm. don't really understand this. i just apt-get installed xchat-indicator then it works, and in the command line it doesn't 2d is the 3d desktop, for unity2d only 3d is needed oh, maybe that is the issue yeah it would seem so erm. ok thanks how does that work? all indicators ( volume, power, pidgin,...) run as service cool thats cool! ok so I'm being stupid. this is unity 2d? yes hmmm. It is not 2d like kde in older version of ubuntu okay and how do you get xchat indicator on the panel then? sorry if i'm being a little b!tter 2d is a virtual desktop, the normal desktop is 3d, on unity2d only 2d is available stevo : there is an option on the right side panel of unity, click it and it will be added xchat is a plug-in to the panel, no need for extra software, why do you want xchat-indicator? :) to see the weather, and current time, and am in irssi at the moment, and time when a new message arrives you don't see those with xchat-gnome? nope i have no idea, just do apt-get install xchat-indicator oh, you did? yeah i just did apt-get install




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Achat 3d Premium Hack

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